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The last few hours of 2016 are upon us, and as this year comes to a close it is time to sit down and summarise what has passed. This summer I started working on the Human Brain Project, which has been a lot of fun. I also did several trips abroad, some for work, and others just for photography. For this blog post I have tried to pick some of the highlights from the past year, and I have grouped them based on the trips.

Cambridge Lent Term

I usually try and time my Cambridge visits to coincide with theatre plays and shows that I want to see. Fo Lent term there was a week with two shows that stood out: Trojan Barbie (directed by Emma Blacklay-Piech) and the circus show Alice (directed by Joanna Vymeris). The latter was the first show of its kind at the ADC Theatre, and such a success that they also travelled to Edinburgh Fringe in the summer.

Zoé Barnes was directing “The Lesson” and we did a promotion photoshoot and a trailer for the play, which was a lot of fun. We staged a few scenes, making the most of both window light and a few lamps.
For Under Milk Wood we did a photoshoot with UV lipsticks. The shoot really took off after the actors started to apply the lipstick in a more liberal manner. We had one UV torch, and many small normal light torches, which allowed us to really design the lighting. Great fun!

Cambridge Easter Term

My next Cambridge visit was in the beginning of Easter Term when Winter’s Tale (directed by Will Bishop) was running.

One of the highlights of the Easter visit was the Enron photoshoot where Laura Prince ended up burning fake money.
Riverside Varsity Fashion Photoshoot, here Cecily Bain in front of the Bridge of Sighs. Cambridge when the trees blossom is just amazingly beautiful.

Cambridge May Week

A lot of things happens in Cambridge during the May Week (which takes place in June!), so it is a golden opportunity to come back for a visit. Christ’s May Ball, King’s Affair and the Trinity Hall June Event where all great fun. I really enjoyed the opera Gianni Schicchi directed by Gareth Mattey, even though I did not understand a single word. Luckily for us who did not speak Italian they had introduced subtitles in a creative way.

The Timeless photoshoot at Wimpole Estate with Hannah Taylor. Beautiful model, dresses and location made for a great shoot. We spent a day there, and when we showed up after lunch again with Hannah in a new outfit the personell started to wonder if we were doing a photoshoot. Luckily they let us stay.

Edinburgh Fringe

Once again I made it up to the Edinburgh Fringe. For a month the city is a melting pot for all things theatre and art, a great place to be for theatre and dance photography. There were so many great shows so it is difficult to choose.

Ashleigh Weir and Jack Gardner from I love you because. It is always fun when you have a creative cast, and a bit of time to just go crazy and improvise with a photoshoot.
The Famous Five photoshoot was another favourite. Alex Harris, Molly Stacey, Millie Foy, Sam Lamont, Robert Eyers and Louisa Keight.


Not every photoshoot required me to travel, there were some really fun opportunities in Stockholm also.

Photoshoot with Tilda Kristiansson in Stockholm.
A spontaneous photoshoot with my parents.


Cheap flights and Airbnb made it possible to go to Paris for a weekend dance photoshoot with Annie Magee, Lucy McMahon and Genevieve McMahon. We took so many photos that I ended up splitting it into three blogposts: Paris is Always a Good Idea, Paris when it Sizzles and We will always have Paris.

Annie Magee and Marlowe the dog who we met on location.


Inspired by the successful Paris photoshoot Joanna Vymeris and Rafael San Martin joined me for a Venice weekend photoshoot. For this trip we even got Judith Musker Turner to help us out with some amazing dresses. Again I split the trip into three separate blog posts: City of BridgesDaughter of Venice and Colours of Burano.

Joanna Vymeris in Venice
Joanna Vymeris in an amazing cloak by Judith Musker Turner. Click the image to see more photos.

Cambridge Michaelmas Term

With such great plays as Blink and the first ever English performance of the Chinese classic Teahouse week three was a good week to visit Cambridge.

The Duschess of Malfi photoshoot with hundreds of candles in the Round Church was very special.
Another amazing photoshoot was in a very posh student accommodations at St John’s College for the play Lily. Only a few days later I was back at St John’s for the M Butterfly photoshoot.
The Baker’s Daughter photoshoot for ETG’s Hamlet. Here Matilda Wickham in the water (click the image for more photos).
Some amazing dance photos with Daphne Chia can be seen in the Silent Poetry blogpost.

If you want to see yearly highlights.

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