Visiting Hampton Court Palace

Yesterday we went to Hampton Court Palace. I can recommend a trip there if you want to see how Henry VIII lived. It takes about two hours from Cambridge to get there. You can do an audio-guided tour, and there are plenty of signs to read about the history of the place. I must admit that I was more focused on photographing. There is also a maze to get lost in, which is good fun! Our group got split in two, with one group getting to the centre really quickly, and the other group taking a bit longer to get there. You can probably guess which of the groups I was in…

This photo has just got a bit of curves adjustments and sharpening. That purple-pink light around the cup was there when I shot the photo. There is a big stained glass window to the right of them projecting the colourful light on the wall.
Inspired by Henry VIII’s killing of his wives Zuzana came up with this photo concept. After a few iterations we had the material for the final image. It is a composite of three photos. One with the background, a second with Zuzana screaming, holding her hands around her head, and a third photo with her holding her arms above her head. I had to use Liquify to match the final photo together. Added some cheesy lighting effects to it last night, since I was too tired to make a gory neck with windpipe and everything (not sure I could have made that look good), and just stretching the neck did not look good either.
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. One of the buildings was getting renovated. It had been surrounded by a red wooden barrier which to me looked like an invitation. The deep red colour would make a great background. For some reason I thought of the statue with the three wise monkeys and asked Martin, Lori and Shamith to re-enact it. In post processing I added a little bit of a texture on top of them to make the background a bit more gritty.
I saw this scene and I immediately liked the stone floor and the way the people walking cast shadows on it. Here I waited a little while for a suitable subject, and soon this couple came walking hand in hand. I shot it as they were silhouetted within the doorframe.
Martin peeking through the maze. I have sharpened his hair and wrinkles a bit as it adds character.


Another shot from the maze, I think this conveys the feeling of being lost in it.
Andy, Shamith, Lori, Johannes, Martin, Miriam, Martin and Zuzana.

There are more photos, but I think these were the best ones. Next time I will try and remember to read a bit more of the signs. Oh, let me see if I can add one more photo…

Old statues are great inspiration when trying to come up with interesting poses. Here Lori and Martin are trying to recreate the statue behind them.


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