Vivat Tallinn

This easter weekend a group of us who work on Gamma-6 at SciLifeLab went to Tallinn. We did the traditional cruise, and shared a big AirBnB apartment while there. Here is a glimpse from our trip.

Hazal Koptagel, Ditte Juhl, Matthew The, Jovana Belic, Đorđe, Yang Zhang, Gustavo Jeuken, Richard Tjörnhammar and Johannes Hjorth. Photo taken by a random passenger.
One of my favourite locations to shoot is in archways. Here Ditte Juhl and Matthew The standing models for me.
On our way to Raekoja plats.
Đorđe, Joavana, Ditte, Yang and Matthew.
Gustavo had got a tip from a friend about a restaurant, so we headed out into this hip industrial location where there were lots of restaurants. Here Hazal and Johannes.
On our way back from lunch.
Yang, Hazal, Gus and Ditte.
The view from Tallinn’s famous viewpoint.
A reflection of the Alexander Nevsky cathedral.

In the afternoon we were able to check in to the AirBnB. Half of the crew decided to take a power nap before dinner, some went to an orgel concert, while Hazal and I headed out to explore the city.

Hazal Koptagel
Johannes Hjorth. Photo by Hazal.
Playing with reflections.
Johannes Hjorth at Katariina käik (Catherine’s Passage).
There was something about this little tunnel that I really liked.
For three euro you can climb up on the city wall. Here is the view from one of the towers along the wall.
View from the tower.

Dinner time. Matthew had arrange for us to have a medieval styled candle lit dinner at Olde Hansa where we dined on elk, bear, boar and other things. Before we could start eating Lord Matthew had to bless the food by breaking the bread and sprinkling salt on it.

Gus, Lord Matthew and Jovana. Waiting for the 1400 AD styled dinner to start.

On the morning of the next day I did a ballet photoshoot in Tallinn, while the rest of the crew were sleeping. There is a separate blog post, Tallinn à terre where you can see those photos. At twelve sharp we checked out, had some brunch, went to a special Monet, Klint and Van Gogh exhibit and a bit of meandering around Tallinn before slowly making our way back to the Ferry.


Church in Tallinn.
Kiek in de Kök.
Đorđe and Jovana, on the way back to the ferry.
Ice cream break. It is spring regardless of what the termometer says. Here Hazal and Gus.
Matthew and Ditte.
Matthew and Ditte.
Grand Buffé on the Baltic Queen. Some of us really know how to get the most bang for the buck.
Ending the evening with a bit of Dixit.

Thank you to Hazal, Gus, Jovana, Đorđe, Matthew, Ditte, Yang and Richard for a fun easter trip!

If you want more, check out the photos from last year’s Easter getaway.

— Johannes

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