Vrider vänder händer

Yesterday Joakim Stephenson joined me for a photoshoot after work. I have recently been experimenting a bit with wide angle lens distortions. Our plan for this photoshoot was to play with perspective using a wide angle 20mm lens. By placing hands or feet close to the camera we could exaggerate their relative size. We shot these in the Green Room using studio lights feathered to emphasise the hands.

Joakim Stephenson. Here we were working with framing and shapes.
Joakim Stephenson. This might be my favourite shot from the photoshoot. The upper hand looks like it is resting on Joakim’s head, strengthening the illusion of giant hands.
Joakim Stephenson. We then moved into the time domain, combining the distortions of space and time.
Joakim Stephenson. Framing using a couple of seconds exposure.
Joakim Stephenson. Back to basics. This picture took a surprising amount of work to get the light right.
Joakim Stephenson. Why use only hands, when there are feet also?
Joakim Stephenson. Final photo of the day!

Many thanks to Joakim for a fun and creative photoshoot! You can find out more about his work on his webpage. Also thanks to Jenny Jonsson who suggested the blog post title “Vrider vänder händer”.

Instagram: Joakim, Johannes

— Johannes

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