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Yesterday Stina Karlsson, Ahtayaw Ea and Christel Nilsen from Balettakademien in Stockholm joined me for a photoshoot in Näsbypark. We had originally planned to photograph indoors, but the weather in the morning was considerably better than expected so we headed down to Kråkudden to start the session there.

Ahtayaw Ea. His red trousers help him stand out among the yellow, grey and blue colours.
Christel Nilsen. We had a bit of wind, which made the water and reeds come alive.
Stina Karlsson. Shooting from a lower angle we got the sky as a clean backdrop. Not a single cloud in this direction.
Stina Karlsson
Christel Nilsen
Christel Nilsen. We ended the first session among the reeds before heading inside.
Christel Nilsen. The wooden floor on the lower floor is a lighter colour, and blends quite nicely with the Stockholm white walls, creating a clean backdrop for Christel’s spectacular pose.
Ahtayaw Ea. The sun came out of the clouds again, giving us strong shadows!
Ahtayaw Ea brought this amazing green dress that we experimented with.
Ahtayaw Ea. The more fabric to play with, the more fun and varied photos.
Stina Karlsson. I used to try and avoid the sunlight falling on the wall by covering the window with a diffusing layer, but here we instead decided to incorporate it into our photo.
Ahtayaw Ea
Ahtayaw Ea
Christel Nilsen, “Friends”. Final photo, embraced by the shadow.

Many thanks to Stina, Ahtayaw and Christel for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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