War War Brand War

This morning I woke up at 5am to take a taxi to the airport, and fly over to Edinburgh to experience the Fringe festival that runs throughout August. After a quick stop at the Pollock Halls I then off to the Paradise Vault to see the rehearsal of War War Brand War. Here are a few of the photos from their tech rehearsal. As they were running cue to cue to sort out the lights, most of these photos are taken between scenes.

Matt Bradley

From Camdram:

A soldier comes home. A journalist loses his mind. An advertising firm markets a war.

An adaptation of the Oresteia for a century of humanitarian intervention and marketised warfare, ‘war war brand war’, the winner of the 2014 RSC Other Prize, interrogates family, war and tragedy in the Internet age. As new technology and hubris lead nations into deadly wars with all of the relentlessness of the ticker tape that scrolls across the bottom of news channels and stock exchanges, one family’s imbalance of power brings violence to an international arena.

Rosie Ann Kellett and Matt Bradley.
Ploy Kingchatchaval, one of the show´s two producers.
Declan Amphlett
Rebecca Thomas

hjorthmedh-war-war-brand-war-10 hjorthmedh-war-war-brand-war-11

War commercial scene.
Rebecca Cusack. By putting the six cubes on stage together and placing a sheet on top of it they transformed the stage into a bedroom.
The cast had a great friendly bantering and did a lot of fun little things between the cue to cue during the tech run. Here an improvised pose while waiting on the techies.

The War War Brand War poster by Hannah Taylor.


It was fun to see everyone again. I was going between War War Brand War and A Midsummers Night’s Dream’s tech rehearsals, so there will be photos from their rehearsal coming soon. Many thanks to the cast and crew of War War Brand War which plays at Paradise in the Vault.

Catherine – Rebecca Cusack
Jon – Henry Wilkinson
David – Matt Bradley
Alice – Rebecca Thomas
Karen – Sasha Amaya
Alex/Presenter/Actor – Rosie Ann Kellett
Andrew – Ian Johnston
Boss/Psychiatrist/Actor/Merryl – Declan Amphlett

Production Team
Director – Grace Joseph
Assistant Director – Tilly Fletcher
Producer – Ploy Kingchatchaval, Romilly Beddow
Stage Manager – Lizzie Hibbert
Sound Designer – Francesco Anselmetti
Designer – Angelica van Clarke, Agnes Cameron
Publicity Designer – Hannah Taylor
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Design Coordinator – Sasha Amaya
Technical Director – Jen Hutchings

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