Walking by the Water

Yesterday Madelaine From-Björk and I met up for a photo walk along the southern parts of Djurgården which has really beautiful scenery. This was quite a spontaneous photo shoot. It is fun and you never know what will happen. Madelaine had a few sets of clothes with her, so we could get some different looks. We walked all the way to Thielska Galleriet, and since we missed both the bus, and tram, we also walked all the way back. It was good fun, with a bit of waves, a hot air balloon and some tree climbing.

First test shot to check the light and exposure.
When walking with a camera things always take longer than expected, here we made a stop at a small slope to try some backlit photos.
Clogs, the optimal footwear when walking on slippery stones by the water.
Lady on the rocks.
As the big ships passed in front of us we got some nice waves crashing against the stones.
A swing near the walk path demands a mandatory pit stop.
They were heating up the air in the balloon as we watched, but then they took off without us!
Playing with the setting sun.
Here I shot a low angle of Madelaine so that she would have the dark tree line behind her instead of the sky.
Trees are fun! I am surprised at how many people are up for a spontaneous quick climb. Madelaine is quite outdoorsy so maybe that should not have been a surprise. As a bonus we got some pears.
The big Finland ferries pass by just south of us.
This tree was amazing for photos.
The sun set, but we kept going until we reached Thielska galleriet and the trees there. Unfortunately it was getting dark, so while there are more photos, none of them made the cut.

Many thanks to Madelaine for a fun evening! My favourite parts were probably the tree climbing, which we did in multiple locations.

– Johannes

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