Wasted in Edinburgh

On the anniversary of their mate’s death, three twenty-somethings, Ted, Danny, and Charlotte, decide it’s time to make a change. Follow them through parks, raves, and greasy spoons, and watch as their youthful aspirations are tested by the unforgiving London night.

Text from Camdram.

Eve Delaney and Joe Shalom

“Everyone needs an arsehole.”

Joe Sefton

“Your life, is for, much more, than getting, wasted.”

Joe Shalom

“Three friends, knee deep in the weekend In their own ways, they’re all steeped in pretence.”

Joe Shalom,Eve Delaney, Dan Sanderson and Joe Sefton waiting on the techies to sort out the lighting.
Joe Sefton, Dan Sanderson and Eva Delaney
Tom Bevan and Eva O’Flynn

“Now the highlight of my day is taking a good shit”

Joe Sefton and Dan Sanderson

Performer – Eve Delaney, Dan Sanderson, Joe Sefton, Joe Shalom

Production Team
Director – Lucy Moss
Producer – Tom Bevan
Casting Associate – Tim Lintern
Assistant Director – Eva O’Flynn
Stage Manager – Olivia Fletcher
Assistant Producer – Leila Cazaly
Lighting Designer – Johnny King

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