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I have been slowly renovating my new apartment, and this past week my uncle Christer came over to help me start with the kitchen and the floor. Before he arrived I was painting some of my walls on the lower floor, which involves multiple layers of coating. So rather than sitting around watching the paint dry, I did a photoshoot with Sara spaced over a day at multiple locations with breaks in between for painting.

Sara Larsson. First stop, the local swimming pool, a fun and different location.
Sara Larsson lying on the floor of the pool, with me on the side, photographing from above. I really like this pose, it is as if she is flying in the air.
Sara Larsson. We call this the “Game of Thrones” pose, majestic. This was shot in a nearby tunnel under the train tracks.
Sara Larsson. They are starting to build new houses at Näsby slott, and there will be a lot of heavy traffic. It was interesting to see that they had circled all the alley trees with wood for protection.
Sara Larsson casually hanging out at Näsby slott.
Sara Larsson. We liked our pools and fountain ponds during this photoshoot.
Sara Larsson. Back inside in the apartment. Sara playing around with the protective plastic that I used to cover my new kitchen against stains.
Sara Larsson perched on the craftsman’s stool. I really like the light from the window in this room. The red body and nails look great against the other quite plain background.
Sara Larsson.
Sara Larsson. I usually check how the photos look both in colour and black and white, here I like how the monochrome pallet focuses more on the shape and texture. The window in this room faces west, and you can see the sun starting to shine directly on the wall.
Sara Larsson
Sara. It was really fun to play around with different shapes once we found a setup we liked.
Sara Larsson. We ended the session with a little bit of face paint.
Sara Larsson

Many thanks to Sara Larsson for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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