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Nora Svendsgård and Emilia Fridholm from the Royal Swedish Ballet School joined me for a morning photoshoot this past Sunday. The weather forecast had promised morning mist, so we set our alarm clocks really early, and headed out to Gärdet in Stockholm to try and catch some of that misty magic. Unfortunately the weather gods changed their minds, and we did not get any morning mist, but we got a beautiful sunrise instead.

Emilia Fridholm jumping with Kaknästornet in the background. We hurried to get this and a few other shot with the dramatic sky before the sun would rise above the horizon.
Nora Svendsgård. There are a set of stone pillars marking where the May 1st demonstrations started during the 1900s which make for a beautiful backdrop.
Nora Svendsgård in the beautiful orange morning sunlight.

From Gärdet we headed to Rålambshovsparken and the skateboard ramps. There is one particular location which might not look like much at first, but I really like the light there. It was full of autumn leaves and some trash, but after a bit of cleaning we had our urban studio ready.

Nora Svendsgård playing around with different shapes.
Nora Svendsgård frozen in mid motion.
Nora Svendsgård. There is a bit of graffiti on the concrete wall. Usually I try and remove it, but for this particular set of photos it worked quite well so I left it in. No idea what it says though.
Nora Svendsgård
Nora Svendsgård. As the sun rose the rays started to reach us, which gave a different mood to the photos.
Emilia Fridholm
Emilia Fridholm, the colour of her clothes really look great with the concrete and the warm sunlight.
Emilia Fridholm
Nora Svendsgård
Nora Svendsgård
Nora Svendsgård creating magic with an old curtain.
Nora Svendsgård and Emilia Fridholm

Next we headed to the amphi theatre at Rålambshovsparken. The seats for the audience were full of leaves, and there was a group of people training their dogs on the grass nearby, so we had the entire theatre for ourselves.

Emilia Fridholm
Nora Svendsgård
Nora Svendsgård

From there we continued north west, until we got to Smedsuddsbadet. The water level was lower than it had been last time I was there, and there was a rock that looked to be about a decimeter out in the water. Turns out it was a lot deeper, but Nora made it on top of it.

Nora Svendsgård. This almost looks like something from Ghost in the Shell.
Nora Svendsgård

For the final set of photos we headed to a nearby tunnel which provided a nice balance of light and shadows. The previously almost clear sky was now filled with clouds, which gave a very soft light.

Nora Svendsgård
Emilia Fridholm. Here I played with a prism for a few photos.
Nora Svendsgård. Final photo, after five hours we were ready for a break and some food.

Behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Emilia and Nora for a great photoshoot! Time really flies when you have fun!

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— Johannes

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