24 hour musical

In Cambridge things changes very slowly. Come back in ten, twenty or thirty years and it will look very familiar. However, some things happen more quickly. C.U.M.T.S 24 hour musical is an example of such a thing. In 24 hours the music, lyrics and choreography is written and sorted out for a musical piece.

I had photographed the last performance of Equus right before, so decided to linger a bit at the ADC Theatre. Here are the photos from the evening show.

Zak Ghazi-Torbati
Adi George and Olivia Gaunt
Zak Ghazi-Torbati and Ben Glassberg
Pheobe Stone
Joe Pitts
Will Popplewell
James Daley, Jonathan Bielby and Will Popplewell
Catriona Stirling and Ed Limb
Constance Chapman, Lily Lindon

hjorthmedh-24-hour-musical-10Since it was a live performance I was confined to my front row seat, but for the final part I walked up a bit on the stairs to get a view of the entire cast. It was a fun show, and it is really impressive when you take into account that it was all done within a day.

– Johannes

Reviews: The Tab (83/100)

Performer – Olivia Gaunt, Joe Pitts, Will Popplewell, Ed Limb, Adi George, Lily Lindon, Phoebe Stone, Ben Glassberg, Constance Chapman, Catriona Stirling, Jonathan Beilby, Zak Ghazi-Torbati, James Daly

Drums – Jacob Cunningham
Bass – Tim Hubener

Production Team
Producer – Kit Fowler
Production Manager – Lily Parham
Musical Director – Stephen Gage
Stage Manager – Ted Loveday
Sound Designer – Jen Hutchings
Composer – Orlando Gibbs, Declan Corr, Toby Marlow, Gary Rushton, Elspeth Rushton, Jared Bennett, Ryan Rodrigues
Director – Josie Wastell, John King, Gareth Mattey, Gabbie Bird
Lyricist – Jamie Armitage, Catherine Cutts, Mollie Wintle, Amy Carmichael, Rosalind Peters, Catriona Stirling
Publicity Designer – Emily Newton
Assistant Sound Designer – Ed Bray
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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