Sun, Salt and Sand

This past weekend was filled with ballet photography. On Saturday morning I met up with Emilia Storck, Selma Strandberg and Christina Gaharia for a photoshoot at Nyckelviken in Nacka. This place is really beautiful. On the way down to the water we passed by a farm with a big herd of sheep that got very vocal as we passed, I guess it was feeding time, and they probably expected us to bring them offerings. We also passed an old tree stump standing tall in the middle of the grass, which we incorporated in some photos. There were almost no people there when we arrived, so we started down by the water.

Selma Strandberg. Getting the pose right is far easier than getting the coat right in the wind. We did a lot of photos to try and capture this.
Emilia Storck down by the jetty.
Selma Strandberg
Christina Gaharia
Emilia Storck.
We wanted to do a group photo with Emilia, Christina and Selma together. Each having their own prop.
Emilia Storck. There were some puddles in the cliffs by the waterline, so of course we ended up right by them to get some nice reflections.
Christina Gaharia. When out on location for a photoshoot it is great to try and also include a bit of the scenery. One of the things I look for are roads, because they lead your eye further into the picture.
Emilia Storck
Selma, Christina and Emilia having fun.
Emilia Storck. The tree stump was like a pedestal, turning Emilia into a statue.
Selma Strandberg
Selma, Christina and their new little friend Chiquita the chihuahua.

Many thanks to Emilia, Selma and Christina.

If you want to see more ballet photos, have a look at the ballet tag on the blog.

Instagram: Emilia Storck, Selma Strandberg, Christina Gaharia, Johannes Hjorth

— Johannes

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