We bend so we don’t break

I met up with Alexandra Mellin and her friend Isabella Brignoli for a dance inspired photoshoot this past weekend. There is an old concrete water tower in Lill-Jansskogen that we thought might be a nice backdrop for photos, however it turned out to be fenced in, so we headed to Ugglevikskällan instead and did a few photos there before moving indoors to avoid the rain. Most of the indoor shots were done by the window, with a silver reflector to lift the shadows.

Alexandra Mellin balancing on a tree trunk.
Isabella Brignoli. The new sigma 50mm f/1.4 at maximum aperture delivers a nice bokeh. The closer your focusing point is, the blurrier the background you get.
A quick portrait of Alexandra Mellin before we headed in.
Alexandra Mellin. Having a reflector really helped by adding that light on her face.
Alexandra Mellin
Isabella Brignoli
Alexandra Mellin
Alexandra Mellin
We also did a few portraits. Here Isabella Brignoli standing by the window. If you ever wonder what kind of light was used for a portrait, check the catch-lights in the eye. They usually tell you a lot.
Alexandra Mellin shot in the same window that we also used for the KTH photoshoot with Tilda.
Alexandra Mellin and Isabella Brignoli

Many thanks to Alexandra and Isabella for a fun photoshoot!

For more dance photos, check the dance category on the blog.

— Johannes

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