Maos que falam

Luiza Lopes from the Royal Swedish Opera joined me for an evening photoshoot in Näsbypark. The weather forecast had been a bit uncertain, so we started indoors, more specifically in my little green room. We did a mix of dance and portrait photos. Around sunset we headed out to Näsaäng for a few photos by the beach, before returning back to the green room. With the last bit of light we experimented with some long exposure photos.

Luiza Lopes. The green room is not very big, but it has got really beautiful light. Shot with a Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 lens.
Luiza Lopes
Luiza Lopes
Luiza Lopes. During the renovation most of my items have been packed down, and I am slowly rediscovering things I forgot I had, like this random semi-transparent cloth which is great for photos.
Luiza Lopes. I love to capture movement, and one great way to do that is to include a thin fabric that flows and moves.
Luiza Lopes

Our plan was to do golden hour photos at Näsaäng, but I had miscalculated, and the last rays of light hit the trees rather than the beach. It meant we missed the beautiful orange light, but we got something more magical, a soft evening light. For this part I had exchanged the 35mm lens for the somewhat larger Nikon 200mm f/2.0, which meant that I was photographing from quite far away, but the upside was really creamy and beautiful bokeh where the background melted away and left only Luiza in focus.

Luiza Lopes at Näsaäng, shot with Nikon 200 mm f/2.0.
Luiza Lopes
Luiza Lopes
Luiza Lopes
Luiza Lopes. I really like this series of water photos, where the frame is filled only with water. Here I was also trying to include the entire reflection.

After doing this series of beautiful water photos we headed back to the apartment, to warm up, and do a few more portrait photos, as well as experiment with the long exposure photos.

Luiza Lopes
Luiza Lopes. It is a lot of fun to try and capture a mood or feeling in the photos, which Luiza was really good at creating.
Luiza Lopes. For those who wonder, “Maos que falam” is Portuguese and means “Hands that speak”, which felt like a fitting name for this blog post.
Luiza Lopes. We did quite a few tests of long exposures with motion. This photo was my favourite of them.
Luiza Lopes playing with shadow puppets.

Many thanks to Luiza for a really fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Luiza, Johannes

To see more ballet photos with dancers from the Royal Swedish Ballet, click the link.

— Johannes

— Johannes

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