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We have had a few great days in Stockholm, summer has finally arrived after a cold spring. Yesterday I met up with Lovisa Enholm and Hermine Lilja in Hagaparken to do a ballet photoshoot. The alarm clocks were set for an early start, and Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) promised clear skies and up to 17 degrees. However, it was quite chilly when I headed out to the bus stop a bit after seven in the morning carrying my camera, reflector and some bird seeds. We had planned to include some of the local bird population in our photoshoot, which did not really work out. The good news though was that by the time I arrived in Hagaparken the clouds had started to clear up, and the sun was peeking through.

Lovisa Enholm standing on the bridge just outside Stallmästargården. Here I am lying down on the dirty bridge to get a low angle and have her silhouetted against the sky.
Hermine Lilja. I like her expression and pose.
Hermine Lilja working some of her ballet magic.
Lovisa Enholm with the only bird we managed to actually get in a dance photo.
Hermine Lilja. One of the things I wanted to do was to create photos that placed the dancers in the park.
Lovisa Enholm. I have decreased the contrast of the trees in the background to make Lovisa stand out better.
Hermine Lilja had brought a beautiful white skirt with her.
Hermine Lilja
Lovisa Enholm doing an arabesque. Here we used the tree stump as a stage for her.
Hermine Lilja. When we arrived at Ekotemplet it was already occupied by a group making a dance movie. So we went to the water to do a few other photos while waiting for our turn.
Lovisa Enholm at Ekotemplet in Hagaparken
Lovisa Enholm
Lovisa Enholm
Hermine Lilja
Lovisa Enholm
Hermine Lilja and Lovisa Enholm
Hermine Lilja
Lovisa and Hermine
Lovisa and Hermine

Many thanks to Lovisa and Hermine for a fun morning photoshoot!

For more dance photos, see the dance category on the blog.

— Johannes

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