On the Rocks

Yesterday I headed out to Brunnsviken with Anna Valfsson and Slava Ruza for a pole dancing photoshoot. We had borrowed a pole from Anna-Maija Nyman and with the help of an uber and a small sack barrow, that I got from my parents, we managed to move it to Brunnsviken for our photoshoot. We walked along the shore to the sand beach, but the place was full with other people, so we kept on going until the road stopped and the rocks rose above us. It was not possible to take the sak barrow up the road, so we scouted ahead and found a place just east of us that was flatter than the surrounding area, the only problem was that it was about 10-15 meters of vertical climbing, maybe more, to get up there. It would not be an adventure if we stopped, so we decided to get up there, pole and all. After several trips up and down, a bit of slipping, laughing and cursing, we finally made it to the top and the great view.

Slava and Anna, assembling the pole on location. One thing you quickly realise is the importance of finding dead branches and stones to stabilise the foundation to make it as steady as possible. We managed to do a reasonable job, but to be on the safe side, we moved the pole a bit further from the edge of the cliff.
Anna Valfsson gracefully warming up on the pole.
A quick wardrobe change for Anna, to make her stand out better against the background.
Since we were shooting with the sun mostly behind the pole we used a silver reflector to light up the scene.
Slava’s turn on the pole.
Here I was shooting through a shrubbery to get a bit of a frame while Anna was chilling on the pole.
Another great pose by Slava. I am not sure the photo makes it justice to how high up we were.
Slava and Anna
“Slava, can you sit there, I have an idea.” said Anna.
Everyone loves to climb a good tree. Here Slava and Anna perched on some branches high up in the tree.
Golden hour had started, and we took a few more photos before heading down.
Slava Ruza and Anna Valfsson
Slava and Anna backlit by the setting sun, on the way back down.

Many thanks to Anna and Slava for a fun day in the sun!

For more pole dance photos, see the pole dance tag on the blog.

— Johannes

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