Hazy Days

The weather forecast promised thick morning mist, so Wilma Ring and I decided to meet up at dawn. During the night SMHI changed their forecast, so when we woke up there was no mist, but at least there was some haze over Stockholm. Here is a glimpse from our photoshoot.

There was a bell tower which gave us a nice framing for Wilma.
Playing with a prism infront of the camera.
Grönalund in the background.
Wilma Ring. We were struggling a bit with the fence that got in the way, until Wilma climbed up on the garbage bins.
We ended the photoshoot with some pictures in the old town.

This was the second time we tried to catch the morning mist, you can read about our previous attempt here (“Early Birds”).

Many thanks to Wilma for joining me on this morning photoshoot!

— Johannes

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