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This past Sunday morning I met up with Clara Jönsson and Elin B in Enebyberg for an outdoor pole dance photoshoot. With us was also Catharina Jönsson who helped us during the shoot. We had brought with us some rose petals and two enola gaye smoke bombs to play with. To help with the harsh sunlight we had a reflector, which we used mostly when shooting against the sun, to light up the faces.

It was an amazingly warm day, peaking at 27 degrees Celsius. We started by doing some test shots, to find out what angles worked. As usual I ended up lying down on the ground. Here Clara Jönsson on the pole with the sun behind me.
Clara had also brought a transparent white skirt with her, which created these different layers that showed up when we shot against the sun. Here Elin is standing to my right holding the reflector to light up Clara.
Clara Jönsson
Clara Jönsson doing an elbow grip
Clara Jönsson. By walking and jumping up on the pole, we created more motion in the skirt.
Without the reflector Clara would have been a silhouette when shooting against the sun. In most cases you want the light on the face to come from above, so here Elin is holding the reflector as high as possible to minimize the effect of “horror-movie-light” from below.
Clara Jönsson
It was time to bring out the smoke bombs. Since they only burned for about 90 seconds each, we did some test shots with the poses we wanted to use.
Our plan was to put the smoke bomb underneath Clara, and have it rise up, however the wind blew all the smoke to the side. Luckily the smoke lingered a bit in the background so we could get this shot.
For the second smoke bomb we redid the same poses, however this time Elin held the bomb and ran back and forth in a half circle behind me, to make the smoke more balanced in the shot.
This time things went much better, and we got several really nice photos of Clara, here in a Russian layback bridge.
Clara Jönsson
Three hours goes really quickly, and we were starting to run out of time. For the last bit we did some standing photos by the pole. Clara was amazing at posing, switching from one beautiful pose into another.
Clara Jönsson
Clara Jönsson
Clara Jönsson

Many thanks to Clara, Elin and Catharina for a fun morning in the sun!

For more pole dance photos, check the pole dance tag on the blog.

— Johannes

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