Rowan Lady

Yesterday Emily Slawski and I packed some lunch and took the bus 176 to Stenhamra for a photoshoot. Thirty-seven stops later we arrived at Stenhamra Centrum, which is but a short walk from our destination. From 1884 to 1937 the site was used as a quarry to supply Stockholm and surrounding areas with stone, and a community grew up around the quarry and at one point they even had their own railroad (Wikipedia).

Emily. We took a few photos in the northern quarry pit which is nowadays filled with water.
Emily. To the side of the excavation pit is a pile of rocks which makes for an interesting background, but perhaps not the most dance friendly surface.
Emily. Rowan Lady. In the black and white conversion I have pushed the intensity of the red colours turning the rowan berries white.
Emily. I did not want to make all the photos black and white, some of them looked really good in colour as well. Here the rock provided a great clean backdrop, and I like how Emily used the branches to create a frame.
Emily. We ended the photoshoot with a few jumps.

Many thanks to Emily for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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