Neon Moon – Gilded Birdcage

Yesterday the Neon Moon invaded the Cambridge Union Society. The benches were removed to clear space for a stage in the centre. This is the third time I have photographed the Neon Moon show, previously I have done the Summer Circus and Fiesta de los Muertos. This time the show was “The Gilded Birdcage”.

Daisy Black sitting in a hoop
Daisy Black greeted the guests as they arrived in the big hall.
Samantha Adamson with a drink and a camera in hand
Samantha Adamson was also there to photograph. It is always a pleasure to work with her.
Well dressed guests at Neon Moon
The guests started to arrive.
Natalya Umanska presenting the Gilded Birdcage, Neon Moon
Natalya Umanska, the conferencier. Is that title applicable at a burlesque show also?
Natalya Umanska presenting
Natalya with a bit of backlighting.
Chi Chi Revolver with hula hoops
Chi Chi Revolver, who has a Guinness World Record in hula hooping upside down.
Mr and Mrs Fox acrobalance routine
Mr and Mrs Fox with their impressive acrobalance act.
Acrobalance, Rachel balancing on her back on Steve's feet
Mr and Mrs Fox (Steve Hadaway and Rachael Arkle)
Steve Hadaway and Rachael Arkle kissing on stage
Mr and Mrs Fox
Talulah Blue with white feather fans
Talulah Blue: White feather fan dance
Talulah Blue lying down on stage framed by her feathers
Talulah Blue
Natalya Umanska holding a microphone and presenting the next act
Natalya Umanska
Mr B playing banjo at Neon Moon
Mr B
Neon moon guests
Photographer busted while sneaking a snapshot of the guests dancing in their chairs!
A kiss hidden behind a champagne bottle
Champagne kiss
Neon moon guests
More guests. I normally prefer to photograph without a flash, but had brought one along for the night.
Ruby Truelove and friends
Les Filles de la Lune – Showgirl Kickline
Neon Moon
More Moon balloon dancing
Neon Moon act
Three female Atlases?
Long exposure time of illuminated hula hoops
Long exposure shot of Chi Chi Revolver’s hula hoop.
Long time exposure of hula hoops
Chi Chi Revolver
Talulah Blue, Diamond Girl act
Talulah Blue – Diamond Girl
Talulah Blue
Talulah Blue
Talulah Blue
Talulah Blue
Natalya Umanska act
Natalya Umanska – Oriental Dream
Natalya Umanska stripping
Natalya Umanska
Natalya Umanska teasing behind an umbrella
Natalya Umanska
Mr B performing
Mr B
Old friends at Neon Moon
More happy guests
Natalya Umanska
Last photo of the evening, Natalya Umanska.

There you have it, my favourite photos from the evening.

– Johannes


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