Postdoc Workshop #6: Anglesey Abbey

Today Jean-François Mercure and I organised the sixth Postdoc Photo Workshop. This time we went to Anglesey Abbey, and had two models with us. Anita Friis Sommer dressed in a medieval Tudor dress, and Wendy Min Ji Choi in a classical Korean dress.

Wendy posing by one of the statues. Here we are trying to mirror part of the statue’s pose.
A simple full length shot. The skies were cloudy, which makes the shadows soft, but a little bit of blue in the background would have looked nice.
Anita in her Tudor dress. Here I asked her to walk towards the camera to give the photo a sense of motion.
Anglesey Abbey is famous for its birches, which they wash to keep really white. I photographed Anita from slightly below to make her pose look more regal.
Same idea as the previous photo, shot from slightly below.
I liked the red colour on Anita’s dress, but I wanted to see what it looked like in black and white. There is a bit of texture added on top of the photo to make it look older.
A bit of fun in the gardens.
The ladies flashing their petticoats.

hjorthmedh-anglesey-abbey-JF-afterA big thank you to everyone that joined us, and a special thanks to our two models Anita and Wendy! We will see if we have time for one more workshop before I return to Stockholm.

– Johannes


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