Perennial Growth

Yesterday Jennifer Wallén and I did a photoshoot in Näsbypark. We had some loose ideas, for example I wanted to take some photos using my tilt-shift lens to play with the focus planes, but most of what we created we came up with on the day by trying different things. It was lots of fun to photograph together, below are some of my favourite photos from the photoshoot.

Jennifer Wallén
Jennifer Wallén. This was an in between shot, when Jennifer was looking in the mirror while experimenting with different poses. The posture is like something taken from an illustrated fairytale book.

Hi people! To you who might be reading this, thank you for clicking on this blogpost. I am happy to share with you some of the photos Johannes and myself captured in the session of creating “Perennial Growth”. A little something for you to feel and experience time caught in motion, planted and grounded. My interest for movement in photography has recently increased and it is a fun exploration to be in. The questions of what happened before and what is next, where the situation inside this frame is headed are present and very open. You exist in this crossroad of wonder where sometimes the answer can be very clear to you or less clear. We hope you enjoy it!

Jennifer Wallèn
Jennifer Wallén
Jennifer Wallén. Here we are using the tilt-shift lens to restrict which part of Jennifer is in focus, to pull the attention to the hands.
Jennifer Wallén
Jennifer Wallén. This photo feels like an old still painting. Capturing a moment when Jennifer was deep in thought.
Jennifer Wallén. More experimentation with the tilt-shift lens. Notice that her face and upper arm is in focus, while the lower part of the image is blurry.
Jennifer Wallén. We had a food break and thought about some new ideas. Here my monstera plant made a guest appearance in the photoshoot.
Jennifer Wallén
Jennifer Wallén. If you are patient you can see this photo both in colour and black and white. It switches every 60 seconds.
Jennifer Wallén

Many thanks to Jennifer for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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