Wither and Bloom

Yesterday Ella Ström came out to Näsbypark for a dance photoshoot. We decided to start quite early as the weather forecast projected rain later in the day. Our first stop was a jetty close to Bastuholmen.

Ella Ström. The red dress is great, it adds movement and the colour makes her stand out against the background.

Our seconds stop was Kråkudden. After a little while a four-month-old adorable puppy showed up, and also a lady doing some early morning Yoga.

Ella Ström
Ella Ström. We picked some thistles on the way, inspired by an earlier photoshoot.
Ella Ström. We named the blog post inspired by the thistles, Wither and Bloom.

Even though the water is quite warm, it is not warm enough, so eventually we decided to head back inside and do the next series of photos in the Green Room.

Ella Ström. Here we are using a Godox SL-60 light to create this dramatic light from above.
Ella Ström
Ella Ström
Ella. Yes, we brought the Thistles back to the Green Room.

Many thanks to Ella for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Ella, Johannes

— Johannes

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