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There is another Johannes at the ADC Theatre, and he contacted me a couple of weeks ago about shooting a poster for ‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore. We did an initial shoot in the Larkum Studio, the light was¬†good but the look was not there yet. This past weekend I went to photograph the tech rehearsal of Racing Demon, however their get in was going slowly so while we waited I had a chat with Bea, who also is the assistant director for ‘Tis Pity. We talked about the poster shoot, and decided to try and reshoot it right then and there. Ed volunteered to do the male part, and Kathryn who was doing the lighting design of Racind Demon helped us sort out the spotlights. I suppose the straggling actors that arrived on set got a bit of a surprise, where their very piety set had turned into some¬†seedy establishment in Amsterdam.

One of the first shots we did, the colour of the lights was not properly set up, with too much orange. So in post processing I changed the overall hue of the photo, and then decided to posterise it.
When I started to shoot dancing I learned a lot about the timing of shooting and the importance of the feet. For this shoot we had to pay much closer attention to the shadows to accentuate the muscles.
This photo is ever so slightly photoshopped to remove the top part of the jeans and the bra strap that was showing.
Will who directs Racing Demon was kind enough to step in and help with the lighting. With all the spotlights on the right hand side we needed an additional light source from the left to lift the shadows on that side. The other photos looked good, but this is probably my favourite shot from this session. Beth (not shown) helped with the hand choreography.

There you have it. In the end because of tight printing deadlines we did not use these new shots for the printed poster, but they might appear for the online promotion. If you want to read about the rest of that day’s shoot with Racing Demon then there is a blog post about the get in.

– Johannes


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