Witches of Eastwick

Witches of Eastwick, directed by Sarah Mercer, is currently playing at the ADC Theatre. I went there yesterday evening to get a few shots before the show, and then stayed around during the performance. The singing and choreography were really good. If you want to see this musical, then you still have the chance. Tickets are available from the ADC webpage. Some of these photos are in character, and some are out of character…

Vicky Collins
Amy Carmichael and James Daly
Rosie Calthrop, Megan Henson and Caroline Sautter
Zac Ghazi-Torbati
Caroline Sautter and Keegan Featherstone
Georgle Longworth and Zac Ghazi-Torbati
Megan Henson and George Longworth
Olivia Gaunt, Megan Henson and Amy Carmichael
Party on stage!
Kate Stevenson and Julia Kass
George Longworth
Julia Kass and George Longworth
Kate Stevenson
Rosie Calthrop, Amy Carmichael, Olivia Gaunt
Caroline Sautter, Olivia Gaunt and Amy Carmichael
Wallis Power
George Longworth and Joanna Clarke
Hannah Edwards
Georgina Skinner
Joe Pitts

A quick glimpse from the musical.

– Johannes

Reviews: The Cambridge Student (8/10), The Tab (67/100), Varsity (3.5/5)

Darryl van Horne – George Longworth
Alex Spofford – Julia Kass
Sukie Rougemount – Lucy Dickson
Jane Smart – Joanna Clarke
Felicia Gabriel – Megan Henson
Jennifer Gabriel – Georgina Skinner
Michael Spofford – Joe Pitts
Clyde Gabriel – Zak Ghazi-Torbati
Greta – Rosie Calthrop
Raymond – James Daly
Ed – Will Popplewell
Joe – Keegan Featherstone
Toby – Chris Nash
Gina – Caroline Sautter
Marge – Olivia Gaunt
Brenda – Amy Carmichael
Fidel – Tom Beaven

Woodwind – Ellie Myerson, Natalie Price, Jared Bennett
Trumpet – Kate Shaw
Trombone – Oliver Philcox
Keyboard 1 – Claudia Grinnell
Keyboard 2 – Stephen Gage
Guitar – Tom Stakes
Bass – Adam Harrison
Drums/Percussion – Elspeth Collard
Keyboard 1 Dep – Declan Corr
Cello Solo – Wallis Power
Violin Solo – Patrick Flynn

Production Team
Director – Sarah Mercer
Musical Director – Joe Beighton
Producer – Lewis Scott, Harry Stockwell
Stage Manager – Victoria Collins
Deputy Stage Manager – Hannah Edwards
Assistant Musical Director – Claudia Grinnell
Lighting Designer – Mark Danciger
Sound Designer – Jacob Baldwin
Chief Electrician – Ben James
Publicity Designer – Natalie Price
Set Designer – Jessica Poon
Costume Designer – Ellie Beveridge
Assistant Costume Designer – Jessie Mathewson, Alice Brightman
Assistant Stage Manager – Zowie Sweetland, Kate Stevenson
Assistant Director – Marthe de Ferrer
Production Photographer – Ed Bryan
Technical Director – Jack Swanborough, Lydia Clark
Assistant Lighting Designer – Ron Mulvey
Drama Queen – Iain Harvey
Sound Technician – Charlie Houseago, Alan Egan
Assistant Stage Manager – Joe Dutton
Counterweight Operator – James Wright
Flying Director – Sheanna Patel
Flight Crew – James Murdey
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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