Syssling pyssling

This past weekend Vira and her cousin Maja did a photoshoot with me in Näsbypark in the Green Room. For part of the day we had nice sunlight, which allowed us to experiment with the shadows cast by the metal frame of the mannequin.

Vira. Here Maja was throwing Vira’s hair into the air, but this shot right before with her arm in the picture turned out to be a much more interesting composition.
Vira. Here we were experimenting with falling motions, trying to create a sense of dynamic motion.
Maja was helping out during the photoshoot, but when Vira was getting ready for the next set of photos we did a few portraits for Maja as well.

Many thanks to Vira and Maja for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Vira, Maja, Johannes

— Johannes

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