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This past Sunday Aethyu Ea from Balettakademien and her friend Lammi Boonaa came to Näsbypark for a photoshoot. We moved the kitchen table, and used the white wall in the kitchen as a backdrop, the sunlight streaming through the window curtains onto the floor. The original plan was to photograph Aethyu, but when she was getting changed we did a few test portraits of Lammi. We then proceeded to do some photos with both of them together, which turned out really great. Here are some of our favourite photos.

Aethyu Ea
Aethyu Ea
Aethyu Ea and Lammi Boonaa
Lammi Boonaa and Aethyu Ea. This is a cropped version of the original photo, focusing on details and making a more interesting composition.
Lammi Boonaa and Aethyu Ea. Normally I discourage the models to wear black, but here it worked really well against the white backdrop. The black fabric becomes creates great contrast against Aethyu’s skin.

Fun update, I sent in a re-edited version of the above photo to the Swedish Championship in photography. It is a two step process that starts with a digital competition, and the top 15 or so in each category go on to the print final. Our picture did not win, it got a merit diplome and 82.8 in score. It was the second time I participated in the competition, this time in the Fine-Art category.

Lammi Boonaa and Aethyu Ea
Lammi Boonaa and Aethyu Ea

Many thanks to Aethyu and Lammi for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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