Tutus and chocolate

This past Sunday was a really busy day. After the morning photoshoot which lasted way past lunch time I met up with Greta, Indra, Isabella and Alesandra for a evening ballet photoshoot at Bergianska trädgården. With us was also Ingrid Rydmark who once studied at Balettakademien in Stockholm, and came with some great advice for the poses.

Greta by the Victorian green house. By quickly twisting her head she added a bit of motion to the photo.
Greta on pointé.
Indra by the green house.
Isabella. Here I was trying to find some interesting lines, to not make all the photos look the same.
Greta. On our way to the stone alcoves we stopped briefly for a photo at this location. Of course, when you are a group of people, there is no such thing as a quick stop, and we ended up taking lots of pictures here.
Alesandra, Mary Poppins style.
Alesandra, Ingrid and Greta having some hot chocolate to keep the warmth.
Isabella. We made it to the stone alcoves. The overcast sky created a beautiful soft light.
Greta doing an elegant arabesque.
Indra at our last photo location.
Isabella. A few more photos, and it was time to call it a day.
Isabella, Indra, Alesandra and Greta.

Many thanks to Greta, Isabella, Indra, Alesandra and Ingrid for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Greta, Isabella, Indra, Alesandra and Johannes

— Johannes


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