Wasted dress rehearsal

Yesterday¬†morning Wasted had their dress rehearsal. It is the Corpus Playroom late night show this week. It tells the story of three friends, and centres around the anniversary of their friend’s death. There are no set roles for the actors in this play, instead they swap roles throughout the play. Who plays who is indicated by the jacket they wear.

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If you want to see more photos of the Wasted cast, then check out our previous photo shoot. To book your ticket, hop over to the Corpus Playroom webpage.

Reviews: The Cambridge Student (7/10), Varsity (3/5 stars), The Cambridge Tab (4/5 stars)

Performer – Mike Hood, Ian Johnston, Jake Morris, Avigail Tlalim

Production Team
Director – Lucy Moss, Kaiti Soultana
Producer – Ru Merritt
Assistant Producer – Amy Malone
Stage Manager – Helen Spokes
Set Designer – Romilly Beddow
Lighting Designer – Romilly Beddow
Trailer Cinematographer – Louis Rogers
Production Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Publicity Designer – Chloe Carroll
Provider of Jacket – Alex O’Bryan-Tear, Jack Agass
Potential Provider of Jacket – Joe Spence

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