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The year 2021 is coming to an end, marking the end of the eighth year of the photo blog. There have been many new and really fun collaborations. I have gone through the blog posts from the past year to pick some highlights, and it has been a lot of fun to remember all the adventures and photoshoots. Here is a glimpse of some of my favourite photos from the past year.

Sarah Plate, wearing clothes by Linn Kristina design. Yes, we had custom-made clothes by Linn for this dance photoshoot.
Victor Persson. We started the photoshoot indoors, but this spot on the steps outside had the best light.
Sofie Ericsson. Here we were playing with perspective and proportions. Shot on a 20mm wide angle lens.
Ritha Haga. I really like how it feels like Ritha is floating in water here.
Joakim Stephenson. More perspective play, this time with the talented Joakim.
Christel Nielson. Playing with shadows.
Johanna Primavera in a window at Balettakademien.
Eden Riddernäs creating her own frame.
Lea Sjövall showing off her incredible flexibility, and framing herself.
Salut. The final performance for this year’s graduates from Balettakademien.
Jacob Goj being creative on one of my old chairs.
Camille Chanial wearing a dress by Linn Kristina design.
Felicia Andersson. So much of what happens in a photo is dependent on the state of mind of the dancer. Here I had just asked Felicia to imagine she was on stage in South Africa again. A place that she remembers very fondly.
Jennifer Wallén. Focused.
Maja Dahlbäck being super creative with the water and the droplets from her head.
Ahtayaw Ea and Maja Dahlbäck in the Green Room.
Ellen Olson under Tranebergsbron.
Eneko Amoros Zaragoza. Incredible jump by a fantastic dancer.
Linnéa Hult. This was one of the toughest photoshoots this year. We ended up carrying this armchair for a kilometer in total, but the photos we created made it worth it. Also Linnéa is one of the most cheerful dancers around, keeping the spirits high.
Kentaro Mitsumori and Linnéa Hult with body paint by Aya Nordström. This photoshoot was arranged in record time. The day before I had lunch with Aya, who is a painter, and her husband Johan, who is an old childhood friend of mine, and we decided that it would be fun to do a collaboration. Both Kentaro and Linnéa were free, but only on that day for the entire week, it was meant to be!
Sarah Plate being creative with her big black hat. Sometimes hiding some parts of the dancer creates a more interesting photo.
Alma Faringer exploring the ruins of an old concrete factory.
Sarah Plate and Ahtayaw Ea being themselves. Always so much creativity from these two!
David Fridholm is an incredibly talented dancer. Most people take a while to get warm in front of the camera, but he goes from 0 to 100 instantly, creating magic.
Linn Hermander wearing her Linn Kristina design. We made it to Photo Vogue Italia!
Adina Tegnhammar and Vania Kadir. Playing with mirrors.
Alfred Molander improvising in the Green Room.
Aethyu Ea. Long exposure and motion is fun to combine.
Eléa Bigot is a new talented dancer at the Royal Swedish Ballet.
Sara Liderfors and Sara Cordes. Playing with lines and perspective.
Mille Skov. Dawn at Kråkudden.
Mille Skov. I had an old pair of jeans that we decided to cut and rip apart for this photo.
Juniper Karlsson. Playing with coloured LED lights and gels.
Annie Glaudame. Probably the coldest photoshoot this year.
Paulina Rosenkvist. December sunrise, we managed to get a few photos before the sun was covered by the clouds.

Thanks to every dancer and friend who have joined my photoshoots and been part of another amazing year. Gott nytt år!

Here is a link to previous years’ highlights.

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