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I started the blog in January 2014, which means that it is now ten years since it all began. Little did I know how this project would grow and evolve over the years. First I was photographing random things to post on the blog, but already in March of 2014 I got in touch with the Cambridge Theatre scene through the Phocus emailing list (Cambridge University Photography Society), which lead me to photographing the student theatre productions in Cambridge (big list on Camdram), I also started photographing some dance shows at the ADC Theatre. When I returned to Stockholm in 2015 I focused more on dance photography, and a few years later that is what I photograph almost exclusively.

You can find the highlights of the previous years here. If you click any of the photos you will get to the corresponding blog post with more photos from that photoshoot.

Paula Garcia. Sometimes it is good to collect random things. The brown skirt that Paula had brought matched perfectly with the reeds I had picked the year before.
Lotta Ashmyr. The hair toss was everything here.
Sara Cordes, an expert in quirky poses.
Karolina Janhager. I like these pictures when you subvert your brains expectation of where the arms should be, not in the sleeves.
Cornelia Andersson rocking her black dress and scarf, a chilly morning.
Alva Norgren, playing with the smoke machine in the Green Room.
Joakim Pham and Marvin Kouassi
Elea Standal and Dorthea Serine Kvarv Andreassen
William Jögi. Feathers are such a great prop for photos, here William making the most of them.
Mateo Rolando Córdova Pomo and Wilma Frid Andersson
Julius Hjalmarsson. The sense of freedom.
Nathalie Sköld. Playing with the window light.
Alex Bergström. This was part of a really fun roadtrip we did to the Nynäshamn area.
Maria Avatar dressed in clothes designed by Maria Lund. Combining dance and fashion is really fun.
Emelie Boll. She was completely fearless, climbing around in this big tree.
Maja Dahlbäck, making art.
Smilla Broström in a sweater knitted by her grandma. It is really fun when the dancers bring either homemade clothes, or something that their parents or grand parents used to wear in the old days.
Sofia Löfdahl. This might have been the scariest photo location of the year. We were out in the water, waist deep in the water holding the big camera, and every step sinking into the mud. Luckily the camera survived.
Mille Skov. She had brought with her a green wooden box, which we used for some other great photos.
Theodor Adolfsson. “Birds flying high!”
Amanda Prevorsek working her magic with the flowers.
Manon Forssell Pyk. We started at Tranebergsbron, but also photographed at Kråkudden and in the Green Room. This was the first time I used my new Z8 outdoors. New record in number of photos taken during a photoshoot.
Andrea Helander Kramešová. My nephews and Andrea’s daughter also joined this photoshoot.
Tilde Södergren and Amanda Stööp. We started outdoors, and ended up in the Green Room.
Maria Avatare. From our roadtrip to Landsort with Smilla.
Edith Björkman making art.
Tevin Redvall. This was a creative photoshoot! My favourite photos were the ones we took by the water, but Tevin really got creative with the chair in the Green Room afterwards.
Eneko Amoros Zaragoza. Amazing jump by Eneko. This was our second photoshoot in Stockholm, and this time I wanted to make the location clearer.
Signe Willmarsson, we did not quite make the sunrise, because there were no buses that early, but we still got some amazing light.
Signe Åman walking on water, as you do.
Elise Rosnes, love the quirky poses she creates.
Emilia Fridholm and I experimenting with longer shutter times.
Dmitriy Karpenko. Fun photoshoot walking around in Copenhagen.
Linnéa Hult. We had a great photoshoot together with Svante, click the picture to see more photos.
Melvin Olofson, fearlessly jumping.
Alicia Hedman and Emma Wahlberg
Johannes Tenstam
Camille Chanial wearing the trenchcoat designed by Linn Kristina.
Elea Standal. Most of the things I have at home sooner or later end up in a photo. It is fun to see how the dancers come up with creative ideas and poses.
Elise Andersson on pointe.
Arianna Hall and Hanna Johansson. We found this field of white flowers, I love the pose and the mood, just wish I had shot it a bit wider to get more of the environment in the picture.
Isa Wig brought with her this ladder that adds so much character to the picture.
Sakari Alonso Romero Tuurala
Christiana de Blank from the Royal Swedish Ballet.
Sofia Löfdahl among the reeds.
Arianna Hall
Linn Hermander. This was from the test photoshoot in the evening with Linn, we were just planning to check the studio lights at Beckmans, but ended up staying five hours.
Lydia Fall
Elin Olsson – Trasslig återfödelse, model Ida Ceesay
Signe Åman in a white sweater that she has crocheted herself.
Sara Blomqvist
Margherita Pascariello. Creative and fun photoshoot using the projector.
Signe Åman in an amazing dress by Karolin Lysén. Only a few people have had the honor of wearing it, one of them being Carola.
Marvin Kouassi creating magic.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in my photoshoots this year! It has been a lot of fun!

Checkout the Highlight posts from previous years. Or if you feel adventurous, check a random blog post.

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