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When I started photographing with professional dancers in 2015 I knew very little about dance, but over the years with the help of the dancers I have developed an eye for it. At the beginning of the year I signed up for a beginners’ course in ballet for adults hosted by Vuxenbalett Stockholm, which was taught by Luiza Lopes and Emily Slawski. It was good exercise for the body, but to my surprise it also required a lot from the brain, to coordinate all the movements and keep the posture right. So much fun, and it gave a little bit deeper understanding of ballet.

There are so many great memories from all the photoshoots I did this past year. Here are a few glimpses from them. You can click on the photos to see the full blog post.

Vira has this amazing hair that we experimented with, creating these abstract creatures.
Elin Huusmann, Alice Burefjord, Sanna Oksanen and Zara Stojanovic Derving. With more dancers comes more opportunity for creativity.
Emelie Boll. The shape of the shadow that Emelie created intrigued me and I felt it became stronger when turned upside down.
Emilia Fridholm. Here we used some old flowers and a longer shuttertime to capture stillness and motion.
Lammi Boonaa and Aethyu Ea. Lammi was there as a helping friend, but she stole the show in this photo.
Linnéa Hult. Always fun to see what creative stuff we come up with, here using a semi-transparent sheet of plastic.
Jennifer Wallén wearing outfit by Maria Lund.
Heidi Salminen now works in Helsinki, but from time to time she returns to Stockholm.
Kale Lazarick now works at the Alberta Ballet in Canada, but he came to Europe over the summer and we did a photoshoot in Stockholm.
Linn Hermander happened to be in Paris with her friend Kajsa Norin the same week as I was there for the FENS conference, so of course we took the opportunity to do a photoshoot.
Tess Falk
David Fridholm
Maria Avatare
Zara Stojanovic Derving. I really like the framing in this photo with Gamla Stan in the background.
Mille Skov in a field in Åkersberga.
Marvin Kouassi and Alva Norgren. Such a fun photoshoot, and we got everything from beautiful sunlight, to cloudy weather, and then finally rain.
Ellinea Siambalis on the rocks. A little while later the sun came around the corner and illuminated some of the rocks, and we got so many great photos but I had to pick one for the highlights. Click the photo to go to the blog post to see more.
Philip Hansen. Playing with Lines on a Lidingö jetty.
Winter Vecchiattini. The chair in this photo has its own story, and I am really glad we were able to borrow it, as it adds to the composition of the photo.
Elise Rosnes and Paula Garcia. The day started out with great weather, but towards the end of the day we got some heavy rain which allowed us to capture this photo.
Isa Wig. When you have done enough dance photos it is fun to experiment with more quirky ideas.
Melvin Olofson. We added a plastic sheet in front of the window to soften the light, but it did not cover the entire window, creating a thin streak of light on the wall, which ended up aligning with Melvin’s head in the jump.
Signe Willmarsson. The autumn leaves under water provide a nice texture and backdrop to Signe’s pose.
Saga Jansson. Perhaps not the warmest day, but what do you do when you feel trees are really important?
Christiana de Blank. We had planned to be at the Rotunda, but it was occupied, so instead we ended up photographing on the side of the main stage of the Opera house in Stockholm.
Theodor Adolfsson. In the afternoon the sun comes in through the window in the Green Room. Theo had this idea for a pose, and we managed to get him framed by the window light on the wall.
Maria Avatare. For this photoshoot we used massive amount of thin metal foil that we applied, and the skirt was made of plastic. Weeks later I am still finding small metal pieces all over the place, but it was worth it.
Amanda Anagrius Ryberg
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